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Cost Models

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As part of conducting the research and demonstration that surrounded the ULSAB-AVC (Advanced Vehicle Technologies), UltraLight Steel Auto Closures (ULSAC) and UltraLight Steel Auto Body (ULSAB) programmes, cost assessments were conducted to estimate the manufacturing cost of the concepts these programmes presented to the automotive community.

In order to complete accurate assessments that reflected real-world automotive manufacturing cost structures, Porsche Engineering Services, Inc. (PES) organized an interactive process between product designers, process engineers and assembly line designers and cost analysts. The cost assessment teams were comprised of experts that included such organisations as:

  • Porsche Engineering Services (PES), Troy, MI, USA
  • Camanoe Associates, a group of researchers of the Massachusetts Institute of
    Technology (MIT), Cambridge, MA, USA
  • Mercia, Southfield, MI, USA
  • Economic Analysis Working Groups of the UL family of research consortiums which included steel experts from around the world

In 2008, the ULSAB-AVC model was further updated by EDAG International, engineering firm who developed and costed the FutureSteelVehicle electric vehicle body structures.  We make this update available as well.

The result is a library of cost models that can be used for assessing body structures and closures.  While it is understood that every automaker has its own structure for estimating vehicle cost, these models provide valuable tools to conduct cost analysis.  Each is an Excel worksheet that allows for any number of inputs and variables to be examined.

Following is a list of what is available through the Related Documents link above right. One download includes the FSV Cost Model, and a second download includes all of the UltraLight Family-related cost models listed below.  We encourage you to download them free, use them and share them with colleagues:

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FutureSteelVehicle Cost Model (for Battery Electric Vehicle body structure variant)

ULSAB-AVC (Advanced Vehicle Technologies) Full Vehicle Cost Models

ULSAB-AVC Model 1:   ULSAB-AVC C-Class Vehicle with Stamped Door Outer Panels

ULSAB-AVC Model 2:   ULSAB-AVC PNGV- or Midsize-Class Vehicle with Stamped Door Outer Panels

ULSAB-AVC Model 3:   ULSAB-AVC C-Class Vehicle with Sheet Hydroformed Door Outer Panels

ULSAB-AVC Model 4:   ULSAB-AVC PNGV- or Midsize-Class Vehicle with Sheet Hydroformed Door Outer Panels

ULSAC Closure Cost Models

ULSAC Model 5:   ULSAC Generic Reference Door Model

ULSAC Model 6:   ULSAC with Stamped Door Outer Panels

ULSAC Model 7:   ULSAC with Sheet Hydroformed Door Outer Panels

ULSAB Body Structure Cost Models

ULSAB Model 8:   ULSAB Generic Reference Vehicle Model

ULSAB Model 9:   ULSAB Cost Model