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Implementing LCA in Regulations

Can Life Cycle Assessment be Implemented in

Vehicle Regulations?

Download the Implementing LCA in Vehicle Regulations papers.

Here at WorldAutoSteel, we talk about the need for Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) all the time, with everyone in the world. It is a topic that we have become, to quote former FCA CEO, the late and honored Sergio Marchionne, “insanely passionate about what we do”.  We passionately believe LCA is the right thing to do.  Without it in vehicle design and engineering, decisions can be made that will result in the unintended consequence of actually increasing emissions over the vehicle total life cycle. We believe it so strongly, that we have invested in developing LCA expertise around the world.  And, the steel industry is second to none in maintaining an accurate Life Cycle Inventory database so that proper LCA can be done for products using our material.  In fact, the World Steel Association will announce an update of its massive database in September 2017.

Dr. Roland Geyer, professor at University of California Santa Barbara and developer of the UCSB Automotive Energy & Greenhouse Gas Model, and Prof. Dr. Matthias Finkbeiner of the Technische Universität Berlin have written papers on why LCA is important and why and how it can be implemented in future vehicle regulations.  We make them available here by their permission.  At a time when the world is overwrought with concern about the effects on the environment of our industrial society and the greenhouse gas emissions it produces, it is time to start looking at a better way to make sure the decisions we make today will result in positive improvement on transportation sector emissions mitigation tomorrow.  We invite you to download these papers, which provide some good insights into how we can make it happen.