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As part of conducting the research and demonstration that surrounded the ULSAB-AVC (Advanced Vehicle Technologies), UltraLight Steel Auto Closures (ULSAC) and UltraLight Steel Auto Body (ULSAB) programmes, cost assessments were conducted to estimate the manufacturing cost of the concepts these programmes presented to the automotive community.

Files included in this package is a zip file including all of the cost models indicated:

  • ULSAB-AVC_Cost_Model_C-Class_Vehicle_Sheet_Hydroformed_Door_Outer.xls
  • ULSAB-AVC_Cost_Model_C-Class_Vehicle_Stamped_Door_Outer.xls
  • ULSAB-AVC_Cost_Model_Midsize-Class_Vehicle_Sheet_Hydroformed_Door_Outer.xls
  • ULSAB-AVC_Cost_Model_Midsize-Class_Vehicle_Stamped_Door_Outer.xls
  • ULSAB_Cost_Model_Generic_Reference.xls
  • ULSAB_Vehicles_Cost_Model.xls
  • ULSAC_Cost_Model_Door_Sheet_Hydroformed_Outer.xls
  • ULSAC_Cost_Model_Door_Stamped_Outer.xls
  • ULSAC_Cost_Model_Generic_Reference_Door.xls

Please see the FutureSteelVehicle Cost Model download page to obtain that worksheet.