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Blanking, Shearing & Trim Ops

Advanced High-Strength Steels (AHSS) exhibit high work hardening rates, resulting in improved forming capabilities compared to conventional HSLA. But these same traits can cause blanking, shearing and trim operation issues.  Learn how to successfully address them in...

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Future Mobility: Moving Cars to Moving People

We’re approaching a critical milestone in automotive history when what we know as normal is about to change significantly. Future Mobility describes the revolution that’s already begun. We’re rethinking transportation from the movement of a vehicle to a more efficient...

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Blog Volume 3: Tool and Die Wear

Wow! We've been really enjoying the dialogue that's taking place on our blog and the new friends we've been making. We hope you are one of them! Volume 3 of the AHSS Insights blog reviews Tool and Die Wear pertaining to the forming of AHSS. Come on over, read the blog...

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Case Study on Press Energy

Continuing our series on press information for AHSS, Volume 2 of our AHSS Insights Blog features a case study that is a computerized analysis of the energy required to form a cross member with a hat-profile and a bottom embossment at the end of the stroke. While...

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