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FutureSteelVehicleFutureSteelVehicle (FSV) was a three-year program, completed in 2013, that developed fully engineered, steel-intensive designs for electrified vehicles that reduce greenhouse gas emissions over their entire life cycle. The FSV features steel body structure designs that reduce mass by more than 35 percent over a benchmark vehicle and reduce total life cycle emissions by nearly 70 percent. This is accomplished while meeting a broad list of global crash and durability requirements, enabling five-star safety ratings, while avoiding high-cost penalties for mass reduction.



FSV Achievements:

  • State-of-the-future development process
  • 188 kg body structure mass – 35% mass reduction
  • 95% use of HSS and AHSS
  • Nearly 50% GigaPascal steels
  • Enables 5-star safety ratings
  • Nearly 70%Total Lifetime Emissions Reduction
  • Mass savings at no cost penalty
  • Near-term production-applicable solutions

Click the links to learn more about FSV’s unique design approach, in-depth information about its features and its key achievements.