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Communication to Automakers

Life Cycle Assessment: Good for the Planet, Good for the Auto Industry

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Cars are an indispensable part of modern life. We depend on them to transport us to work, bring food and goods to our homes and take us where we want, when we want to go there. Cities are planned around them, families budget for them, portions of our days are spent in them, and some of us even give them names. Few other machines inspire such emotional resonance, but our collective love affair with cars has come at a cost.

From the 1960’s, most major developed countries began to introduce legislation to reduce automobile emissions in response to growing human health and environmental concerns. Many pollutants were significantly reduced by the removal of lead from gasoline, the addition of catalytic converters, and increased efficiency through advances in power train technology.

However, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions remain a major unresolved issue because of their contribution to climate change.

In response to this very real threat, policy makers across the world are implementing regulations in an attempt to curb the GHG emissions released by automobiles into our environment.

But these are based on tailpipe emissions, which we believe will create more issues in the future.  WorldAutoSteel and its members believe that the better way to measure vehicle emissions is through a life cycle assessment (LCA).  We have put together a great deal of data and information to help you, our automaker customers, understand more about LCA and why we are so passionate about it.  Click the download under Related Documents to obtain the full document including annotations.