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Why Steel?

SteelYourWorld – It’s Coming from worldautosteel on Vimeo

Steel is not only one of the strongest materials in the world today, it is the best automotive material in terms of its design flexibility, cost effectiveness, low emissions during manufacture, recyclability, affordability, and the list could go on.

Over the next 12 months, we’ll be talking about how Advanced High-Strength Steels are helping to SteelYourWorld in designing efficient, environmentally responsible vehicles, today and long into the future of mobility.  We’ll begin 13 September 2017 with the first of  four videos and lots of interesting graphics on key topics.  Each will feature automakers, academics and WorldAutoSteel member engineers talking about how Advanced High-Strength Steels are helping address the challenges of designing fuel efficient, safe, eco-efficient vehicles.  The SteelYourWorld topics will be:

  • Steel Your Weight – Steel is the right material for lightweighting vehicles.  Coming 13 September!
  • Steel Your Strength – (Coming 13 February 2018) Steel continues to reinvent itself to bring new, stronger, yet more formable products to the marketplace.
  • Steel Your Future – Steel is ever changing, ever improving, and will continue as the automotive material of choice as automakers face the future challenges of electrified powertrains, new ownership paradigms and autonomous driving.
  • Steel Your Environment – Steel primary material manufacturing is the lowest emissions producer of all automotive structural materials and therefore can be an integral part of any OEM’s plan to reduce vehicle environmental footprint.

So stay tuned, come back, sign up for our enews alerts, follow us on social media (see the icons on the right), to find out how the automotive and steel industries are “steeling their world” to continually improve the vehicles that SteelYourWorld.

This section also houses information on some of the key attributes of steel in automotive backed by research that support these claims.  Yes, research. Everything we say is backed by objective third party research–and you can download the reports for free.  Steel has continually re-invented itself, engineering new grades and gauges ever since the dawn of the automobile, to keep up with the ever-changing challenges of producing safe, affordable, environmentally efficient transportation.  Browse the links to learn more.