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In this video, Russ Balzer LCACP, Technical Director, WorldAutoSteel, explains the importance Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) plays in fully determining vehicle environmental impacts.  After viewing the video, check out some of the other resources available to learn more about LCA, its importance and why it is should be included in the next generation of vehicle emissions regulations.


The Importance of LCA in the Automotive Sector from worldautosteel on Vimeo.

Nations around the world are examining the next set of vehicle regulations to address the growing issue of transportation emissions and how to reduce them effectively.  Here are some free resources on our site, developed by some of the world’s leading experts, to help you understand this critical issue.

Vehicle Emissions Impact Indicator

This interactive tool provides a look at the impact of material and powertrain choices on a vehicle’s total life cycle emissions.

Video Library

We have several more videos that explain in a nutshell what Life Cycle Assessment is and why it is important.  Check out our video library here.

Design Advisor

This free tool, developed by Dr. Donald Malen, College of Engineering, University of Michigan, allows users to conduct simple analyses of material tradeoffs in vehicle engineering and examine outcomes in terms of mass, cost and total life cycle emissions impacts.  Design Advisor also is a course that you can take at  See the information on the Design Advisor Course page.

Implementing LCA in Regulations

Written by Dr. Roland Geyer, UCSB, and Dr. Matthias Finkbeiner, Technical University of Berlin, three white papers explain the importance of LCA and explores how life cycle thinking can be incorporated into emissions regulations.

Also availble on this topic is a Communication directed to Automakers to as well as a Communication to Policy Makers to help these critical and important groups understand more about LCA as it impacts their own fields.

Introduction to LCA:  A Course

Taught by world reknown environmental expert, Dr. Matthias Finkbeiner, this course available at is a great way to gain an understanding of the principles of Life Cycle Assessment.  See the course description and get a link to the course here.