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Liquid Metal Embrittlement

AHSS Implementation: Results of a Three-Year LME Study

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WorldAutoSteel conducted a three-year study on Liquid Metal Embrittlement (LME), a type of cracking that is reported to occur in the welding of Advanced High-Strength Steels (AHSS).The study results add important knowledge and data to understanding the mechanisms behind LME and thereby finding methods to control and establish parameters for preventing its occurrence. As well, the study investigated possible consequences of residual LME on part performance, as well as non-destructive methods for detecting and characterizing LME cracking, both in the laboratory and on the manufacturing line (Figure 1).

LME Study Scope

Figure 1: LME Study Scope

The study encompassed three different research fields, with an expert institute engaged for each:


A portfolio containing 13 anonymized AHSS grades, including dual phase (DP), martensitic (MS) and retained austenite (RA) with an ultimate tensile strength (UTS) of 800 MPa and higher, was used to set up a testing matrix, which enabled the replication of the most relevant and critical material thickness combinations (MTC). All considered MTCs show a sufficient weldability under use of standard parameters according to SEP1220-2. Additional MTCs included the joining of various strengths and thicknesses of mild steels to select AHSS in the portfolio.

A key finding of this study is that LME cracks only occurred in the study experiments when there were deviations from proper welding parameters and set-up. Ensuring these preventive measures are diligently adhered to will greatly reduce or eliminate LME from the manufacturing line.  Download the report for the full details.  For a digest summary, see our AHSS Insights blog on the LME study here.

You also may want to download an infographic that you could be shared with welders and students:  Four Measures for Preventing LME.  In it is practical guidance on the welding of Advanced High-Strength Steels that reflect good welding practices, based on the study experiments and findings.

A three-year study of Liquid Metal Embrittlement (LME) potential occurrence in welding Advanced High-Strength Steels identified four key measures to preventing or mitigating it.