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AHSS Guidelines

AHSS Guidelines

A collection of global best practices in forming and joining the newest steels

Advanced High-Strength Steels Application Guidelines Version 6.0 captures global best practices for the forming and joining of the newest steels

NEWS!  We’re beginning an update of the AHSS Guidelines that will be fully completed by 2021. Read about our update plans and phased release here. Be sure to subscribe to our Blog here to get updates!

Forecasters predict that the demand for the newest steels on the market today, Advanced High-Strength Steel (AHSS), will double by 2025.* This rapid increase in demand requires automakers to master the fundamentals in record time and quickly get up to speed on specific application knowledge. AHSS Guidelines assists automotive designers, engineers and press shop personnel in applying this next generation of steels to vehicle manufacturing and is the leading resource of technical best practices on the market today for the forming and joining of the newest steels.

WorldAutoSteel offers the AHSS Guidelines 6.0 free-of-charge to the global automotive community right here.  Just click the the download link on the right to download your copy.

Following is a brief video:

AHSS Guidelines Version 6.0 Ready for Free Download! from worldautosteel on Vimeo.

“The steel industry is already experiencing a 10 percent higher growth in AHSS automotive applications than predicted,*” said Cees ten Broek, Director of WorldAutoSteel, the automotive group of the World Steel Association. “Consequently, WorldAutoSteel technical experts have spent the past two years interacting with our membership in the U.S., Europe, Japan, and China to tap their expertise on our previous Guidelines version 5.0, released in 2014, which contained over 400 pages of AHSS metallurgy and best practices.”

The WorldAutoSteel membership includes steel industry professionals who collaborate in strategy sessions with global automakers. These interactions have led to significant feedback and the capturing of more information in the forming and joining of newer Advanced High-Strength Steels, which is documented in the AHSS Guidelines Version 6.0.

Previous AHSS Guidelines versions covered metallurgy, forming and joining. Version 5.0 included new content highlighting the broader materials portfolio, advanced fabrication technologies and optimized joining processes. Version 6.0 adds significant updates to this growing knowledge database and captures AHSS Metallurgy, including stress-strain curves.

“Applications of AHSS are prolific as auto manufacturers seek to achieve improved safety and fuel economy requirements for their customers,” said ten Broek. “Current vehicles have not nearly exhausted the breadth of AHSS grades available that can achieve lightweighting targets at competitive cost. Plus, when looking at steel’s environmental performance, manufacturing steel results in seven to 20 times less production emissions than alternative materials.”

*See Ducker Worldwide, Metallic Material Trends in North American Light Vehicles, 13 May 2015

What’s in the Guidelines?

What is in the Guidelines?

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