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AHSS Guidelines

Advanced High-Strength Steels Application Guidelines is now housed in an online database!

The AHSS Application Guidelines Version 7.0 is now online at in a searchable database, allowing users to pinpoint information critical to successful use of these amazingly capable steels.  WorldAutoSteel member companies make the Guidelines database freely available for use to the world’s automotive community.

The all new AHSS Application Guidelines is now available in an online database.

The new database includes a host of new resources for automotive engineers, design and manufacturing personnel and students of automotive manufacturing, including:

  • Hundreds of pages of searchable articles that include nearly 1,000 citations of original technical research papers, providing a rich library for study.
  • Search tools and related posts fueled by thousands of industry-specific keywords that enable users to drill down to the information they need.
  • Information on the metallurgy and mechanics of AHSS grades.
  • An explanation of 3rd Gen AHSS and what makes these grades unique.
  • A primer on Press Hardened Steels, one of the most popular AHSS grades in today’s automotive structures.
  • Summaries of new research in resistance spot welding for joining AHSS of multiple grades and thicknesses.
  • New information on modelling resistance spot welding.
  • An expanded solid state welding section.
  • New information on RSW joining of dissimilar steels as well as dissimilar materials.
  • Articles written by subject-matter experts and product manufacturers.
  • Integration of the popular AHSS Insights technical blog.

The new online format enables consistent annual updates as new mastery of AHSS’s unique microstructures is gained, new technology and grades are developed, and data is gathered.  Be sure to subscribe to receive regular updates and blogs that represent a world of experience as the database evolves.