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Kicking off a 12-month campaign is the global automotive steel industry’s new marketing strategy to reinforce how steel, the material, will help propel the automotive industry to greater innovations in the future.

WorldAutoSteel today launched SteelYourWorld, a video campaign featuring factual testimonies from members of the global automotive community. Audiences will gain a clearer understanding of steel’s contribution to the automotive design space.

“The major focus of the SteelYourWorld campaign entails key automotive design attributes that include Lightweighting, Safety, Future Innovations, and Environmental Performance,” said Cees ten Broek, Director, WorldAutoSteel. ”We expect our approach to inspire audiences on the advances that steel has made and continues to make as a material.” The first video, Steel Your Weight, begins the series.

SteelYourWorld will showcase the advantages of using Advanced High-Strength Steels (AHSS). Supporting campaign elements include a series of videos on the four topics, infographics and social media content.  Enter SteelYourWorld and learn more >>>

SteelYourWorld – It’s Coming from worldautosteel on Vimeo.