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We Are Grateful

accidentToday we are grateful for a steel* safety cage.

A dear friend of ours was driving to run an errand when another driver missed a stop sign and T-boned our friend’s car on the passenger side. His car then spun around and hit a stone wall at an angle on the front driver side, a classic side impact, followed by an offset front crash. We are relieved to say, no one was seriously injured.

In our friend’s car, the front rail and A-pillar kept the passenger compartment intact so that the driver’s door could open after the crash. On the passenger side, the door moulded around the side impact beam, which held its position. Looking inside the passenger compartment, our friend said you couldn’t tell it had been in an accident. The compartment maintained its integrity.

This is the way a car should behave in a crash event, and we, and he, are very grateful that it did what it was designed to do.

*How do we know it was steel? He went around the car with a magnet. And no, we didn’t ask him to.