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There is an increased need to join magnesium alloys to high-strength steels to create multi-material lightweight body structures for fuel-efficient vehicles. These lightweight vehicle structures are essential for improving the fuel economy of internal combustion engine automobiles and increasing the driving range of electric vehicles by offsetting the weight of power systems.

We continue to serve the automotive industry with articles on subjects like these. With that in mind, we’ve published an AHSS Insights blog that offers a summary of a published comprehensive research work titled: “Peculiar Roles of Nickel Diffusion in Intermetallic Compound Formation at the Dissimilar Metal Interface of Magnesium to Steel Spot Welds”  Authored by Luke Walker, Carolin Fink, Colleen Hilla, Ying Lu, and Wei Zhang; Department of Materials Science and Engineering at The Ohio State University

You can read it here: Resistance Spot Welding AHSS to Magnesium