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BRUSSELS, 28 JUNE 2017 – Findings in an update to an Auto Mass Benchmarking study sponsored by WorldAutoSteel, the automotive group of the World Steel Association, continue to be positive for steel lightweighting. The study, Automotive Mass Benchmarking 2017, provides automakers with a new, more accurate way to benchmark the mass of vehicles. By way of statistical regression analysis, automakers can 1) benchmark vehicle mass more accurately since this methodology reveals how efficient (or inefficient) vehicle components are; and 2) facilitate even greater fuel-efficient designs (a greenhouse gas reduction strategy) for future vehicles.

“Upon completion of this third update to the study, the research team found that there continues to be a great deal of opportunity for design optimization and lightweighting with steel, even with grades currently available,” said Russ Balzer, Technical Director, WorldAutoSteel.

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