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Powertrain model overview of the PHEV and BEV model

Overview of the PHEV / BEV Model

Dr. Donald Malen, University of Michigan, and Dr. Roland Geyer, University of California at Santa Barbara, have developed  a set of Parsimonious Powertrain Models that provide a way to estimate lightweighting benefits with minimum inputs.

Parsimony is the principle that the best model is the one that requires the fewest assumptions while still providing adequate estimates. These Excel spreadsheet models cover Internal Combustion powertrains, Battery Electric Vehicles, and Plug-in Electric Vehicles, and predict fuel consumption and acceleration performance based on a small set of inputs. Inputs include vehicle characteristics (mass, drag coefficient, frontal area, rolling resistance), powertrain characteristics (fuel conversion efficiency, gear ratios, gear train efficiency), and fuel consumption driving cycle. Model outputs include estimates for fuel consumption, acceleration, and a visitation map.  Read more and download these tools and their related user guides here >>>