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Ambitious automotive designers bent on leaving a lasting mark in vehicle design history will want to take full advantage of an enabling approach now being offered by WorldAutoSteel, the automotive group of the World Steel Association.  The enabler is an online course of study offered by WorldAutoSteel through The course includes a simulation model that enables participants to enter vehicle design scenarios for quick evaluations of the impacts of material decisions on mass, cost and greenhouse gas emissions. The speed and accuracy of the evaluations make it a practical example of the use of Life Cycle Assessment, helping to analyze potential material decision impacts to the environment, and total impacts toward a circular economy. The course is being offered free for a limited time.  Read more >>>

Watch this video by Dr. Don Malen, adjunct professor and research scientist at the University of Michigan College of Engineering, and Design Advisor’s inventor:

Design Advisor Course teaches environmental vehicle design principles from worldautosteel on Vimeo.