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Brussels, 20 October 2014 – steelChallenge-9 will begin with the regional championship round on 19 November 2014 and will finish with the world championship round on 11 February 2015. There are two categories: ‘Student’ and ‘Industry’. Entrants in both categories will compete online from their own countries in the first round and the winners will come together in Belgium for the world championship.

The regional championship will take place online and will run for 24 hours starting from 12:00 GMT, 19 November 2014. The task will be to produce a specific grade of steel at the lowest total cost using the basic oxygen steelmaking simulation at Participants take part in teams of two people. They can make an unlimited number of attempts to achieve the specified steel grade or product.

At the end of this round, regional champions from the ‘Student’ and ‘Industry’ categories will be identified for each of the following four regions: (a) North & South America, (b) Europe, CIS, Middle East & Africa, (c) Asia & Oceania, excluding China, and (d) China. They will be invited to take part in the world championship in Brussels with expenses paid for their trip.


The regional champions from each of the categories will compete for the title of World Champion in Brussels on 11 February 2015. Leaders of the global steel industry will be present to watch the live event unfold. The World Champions in each category will be awarded certificates, cash prizes and trophies.
The 2014 World Champions in the Industry category, Animesh Kumar Singh, and Kausik Tamuli, Tata Steel India:

“Winning the challenge gave us wide publicity in the company and recognition from top management. Our win strongly boosted our confidence and our belief in our capacity to reach new heights. It helped us take on new projects and set more ambitious targets for ourselves and for the company.”

The 2014 World Champions in the student category, Francisco Brañas and Casalini Ezio from the Universidad Nacional del Sur, Argentina, said:

“We learned to work as a team and to have more confidence in ourselves. Being able to refer to our win in our C.V. represents a huge advantage and has already helped us obtain an internship in a very good company.”

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