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steel talks steel's role in future mobilityMobility Service Providers seek to provide transportation services that meet customers’ needs for comfort, reliability, safety, and connectivity. Future Mobility will be defined by unique powertrains, technologies and architectures that ensure these attributes are met – and there are materials challenges and trade-offs in these designs.

Fleet owners must offer products and solutions that appeal to their customers, while also delivering a profitable business model. An innovative solution will consider and offer vehicle adaptation flexibility, allowing efficient distribution of goods when passenger transport is dormant.

This presentation will explore insights from a long-term assessment of Future Automotive Trends and assess steel’s evolution as a sophisticated automotive material with unique qualifications for future vehicles.

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Speaker Introduction

George Coates
Chief Technical Officer, The Phoenix Group, and 
Technical Director,  WorldAutoSteel

Since 1991, Mr. Coates has been providing engineering and consulting services for industry leaders in the steel, automotive, and manufacturing industries. George’s areas of expertise include management and strategic consulting, project management, automotive stamping productivity, supplier metal conversion, and metal formability and reference panel systems.

George is a Technical Director for WorldAutoSteel, a global consortium conducting industry research for the largest automotive steel suppliers. He has contributed to studies on steel light weighting for future vehicles and has been a project manager / instructor for AHSS Application Guidelines, Versions 5.0 and 6.0.

Mr. Coates holds a Bachelor of Science in Metallurgical Engineering (University of Cincinnati) and MBA coursework (Miami University, Ohio).