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WorldAutoSteel has a long history of investment in vehicle material application demonstrations to assist the automotive industry in applying steel innovation to current and future vehicles.   These programs represent over €80 million in steel industry investment, and we make our reports freely available to engineers all over the world.  Click the links to learn more about each Program and download the engineering reports:

On 12 November 2020, we added to this legacy with another the 6th program in our 22-year history, Steel E-Motive (takes you to the program microsite in a new window).  Over the next two years, we’ll be designing efficient advanced steel structures for  global Mobility as a Service (Maas), characterized by electric, autonomous. connected ride-sharing vehicles.  Be sure to click over to the Steel E-Motive microsite and subscribe for updates.  We’ll be posting there on progress all throughout the design innovation process.Steel History of Innovation