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Daniel J. Schaeffler, Ph.D., President, Engineering Quality Solutions, Inc.;
Chief Content Officer, 4M Partners, LLC
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Forty years ago, the metal forming community needed to figure out how to stamp a new exotic family of steels making inroads into automotive body construction. These grades, called High Strength Low Alloy steels, were much stronger than the commonplace mild steels, and were more formable than the high strength options available at that time. Initially, only a few steelmakers were able to offer these new grades, but over time more companies added the equipment and know-how necessary to support their customers with these products. Automakers and their supply chain stampers needed to adapt as an increasing number of parts transitioned to HSLA steels.

Fast-forward a few decades, and metal formers are facing similar challenges. Successful forming and joining of Advanced High Strength Steels is made easier with processes that are tuned to work with the characteristics associated with these alloys. One such technique to improve formability is to employ Active Binder Force Control.  Dr. Danny Schaeffler, founder and President of EQS Solutions, Inc. and Chief Content Officer at 4M Partners, LLC, shares from his vast knowledge and experience on this technique in January’s AHSS Insights Blog.  Come on over, read more, and leave your feedback!  >>>