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Steel E-Motive

Future Mobility – From Moving Cars

to Moving People

We are approaching a critical milestone in automotive history when what we know as normal is about to change significantly.  Future Mobility describes the revolution that is already begun. We are rethinking transportation from the movement of a vehicle to a more efficient concept for moving people and goods. We are about to discover the social advantages of mobility as a service, characterized by connected, autonomous, shared and electric vehicles. And we are completely changing the way we view transportation.

By 2030, the shift will from vehicle ownership to vehicle pay per use will be mainstream, and owners and fleet providers will seek profitable business models centered around the customer experience and vehicles with lower total cost of ownership (TCO).  Fully autonomous or self-driving vehicles will enhance their business models, while introducing design freedom never experienced before, with the removal of the steering wheel, foot pedals and conventional dashboard. Communication and comfort will be reimagined, with a vehicle that is no longer designed around the driver but designed to serve the needs and comfort of the occupants, who are now users instead of owners.

A New Steel Industry Program to Address the Change

The steel industry plans to be right in the middle of the revolutionary vehicle change. Steel E-Motive, a vehicle engineering program of WorldAutoSteel in partnership with Ricardo, UK-based global engineering and environmental consulting firm will demonstrate the benefits of steel for global mobility as a service (MaaS) challenges, characterized by fully autonomous and connected electric vehicles.

Ride hailing, autonomous, electric vehicle fleets will deliver transportation to millions around the world.  With a vast portfolio of AHSS and steel technologies from which to draw, we envision that Steel E-Motive will deliver innovative ideas for steel vehicle architectures that will shape the future of sustainable mobility.  Steel E-Motive is the sixth of a long history of steel industry demonstrations.

This program began in 2020 and will follow a development process to create concepts for two urban autonomous electric vehicles, to be completed at the end of 2022.  To learn more about Steel E-Motive and receive communications about concept development progress over the next months, visit and subscribe for updates.



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