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CAR Management Briefing Takeaways

The weather in Traverse City, Mich., USA, long-time location of the CAR Management Briefing Seminar, was sunny and bright, as was the mood at the conference site.  George Coates, WorldAutoSteel Technical Director, attended and brought back some interesting insights...

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Download AHSS Guidelines 6.0 Free!

Forecasters predict that the demand for the newest steels on the market today, Advanced High-Strength Steel (AHSS), will double by 2025. This rapid increase in demand requires automakers to master the fundamentals in record time and quickly get up to speed on specific...

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AHSS Transformers

The new steel combined with advanced manufacturing processes reduces mass, cost and life cycle emissions. In fact with 5 to 20 times fewer emissions than the primary production of its competitors, the new steel provides the foundation for a sustainable future.  Have a...

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