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AHSS Insights Blog by WorldAutoSteel

As of 10 January, right to your desktop WorldAutoSteel, began a new blog created specifically for the automotive design and engineering community, AHSS Insights. In it you will find helpful information on the use of Advanced High-Strength Steel (AHSS). Hands-on...

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New LCA Case Study on BEV Life Cycle Energy Demand

Material Matters: A Case Study As the emissions resulting from driving the car (tank-to-wheels) are reduced with more efficient powertrains, there will be a greater chance that use-phase only regulations could result in unintended consequences. It is predicted that by...

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WorldAutoSteel and Kicks Off SteelYourWorld Campaign

Kicking off a 12-month campaign is the global automotive steel industry’s new marketing strategy to reinforce how steel, the material, will help propel the automotive industry to greater innovations in the future. WorldAutoSteel today launched SteelYourWorld, a video...

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Benchmarking Study Reveals Steel Lightweighting Opportunities

BRUSSELS, 28 JUNE 2017 – Findings in an update to an Auto Mass Benchmarking study sponsored by WorldAutoSteel, the automotive group of the World Steel Association, continue to be positive for steel lightweighting. The study, Automotive Mass Benchmarking 2017, provides...

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