Steel Mechanical Properties

When selecting a material for a particular application, engineers must be confident that it will be suitable for the loading conditions and environment it will experience in service. An understanding of the properties of materials is therefore essential. The mechanical properties of steel can be carefully controlled through the selection of an appropriate chemical composition, processing and heat treatment, which lead to its final microstructure.

Customer Specifications for steel vary widely around the world. Therefore it’s impractical to list a global set of properties. However, we can illustrate typical properties through a series of projects completed by the global steel industry:  UltraLight Steel Auto Body (ULSAB), UltraLight Steel Auto Closures (ULSAC), UltraLight Steel Auto Suspensions (ULSAS) and ULSAB-AVC (Advanced Technologies).  You can learn more about these projects by clicking the related articles links above.  The most recent project, ULSAB-AVC, contains a list of typical mechanical properties used to design light weight vehicle designs, and it is often referred to by industry.  Following is a table of these materials and their mechanical properties:

Steel Chemical Properties

Just as with mechanical properties, an understanding of steel’s chemical composition is critical to ensure the resulting product is appropriate for the loading conditions and applications in which it will be used.  Chemical properties are even more uniquely tuned to each producer to meet customer specifications.  As an example of chemical properties in advanced high-strength steels, following is a list of steels and properties considered for use in the UltraLight Steel Auto Closures (ULSAC) project demonstration hardware.  To learn more about ULSAC, click the related article link above.

Chemical Properties of Steels Considered for the ULSAC Demonstration Hardware:

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